Florida State Laws,That we can not change


We ID everyone,of all ages

Minor must be at least 16 to get a Tattoo, and have notarized concent by the "Custodial Parents"

(the parent with custody)

Not all piercings are available for minors

Both The Parent and the Minor must have Photo ID

if a parents last name dose not match the minors due to life then a birth certificate is also required The only other ID that is Acceptable other than state id is a "US" PASSPORT"

REMEMBER, A parent means that you are the cutodial parent with the authority to sign the concent form.

NOT a sister ,brother ,cuz ,or friend and not yer other mothers sisters brothers Kin!!!

If you are the legal gardian of the minor, you must present an official legal document showing so in addition to IDs.

A social security card is not an acceptable form of ID

You will have to have the form noterized at your bank or
we have a notary on call if you need one

What they do in other shops we dont care !!!

The notary is an additional fee of $10.00

The notary is requierd as proof to the florida department of health

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